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PlayStation’s 25 Years of Play Official Trailer


Sony Interactive Entertainment celebrated PlayStation’s 25th anniversary last year. Here’s the official trailer celebrating the consoles and hardware for PlayStation as we start the new year.

  • (1994) PlayStation
  • (2000) PlayStation 2
  • (2004) PlayStation Portable
  • (2005) PlayStation 3
  • (2011) PlayStation Vita
  • (2013) PlayStation 4
  • (2016) PlayStation VR

Here’s a message from PlayStation:

You’ve helped us celebrate an incredible 25 years of play, so join us to mark not only the end of another momentous year, but to celebrate the consoles and hardware that have brought us together.

See you in 2020.

Sony’s next console, the PlayStation 5, releases in Holiday 2020. You can also check out more from an interview with Shuhei Yoshida.

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