Pokémon Conquest’s newfound English prowess shows itself once again in a batch of new localized screenshots. The crossover game with the Nobunaga’s Ambition series requires you to conquer 17 different kingdoms to save the Ransei region from Nobunaga, who’s hell-bent on conquering it. Conquering all 17 and uniting them will awaken a certain legendary Pokémon, who’s said will bring peace to the land.


Story mode in Pokémon Conquest is divided up into episodes. Each episode introduces a different playable warlord and victory conditions. Warlords are paired with Pokémon. Once you defeat warlords, you’re able to recruit their Pokémon for your own use, and conquering a kingdom makes its training grounds and shops available to you as well.


Kingdoms are element-themed. For example, the kingdom of Ignis is fire-themed, and battles take place around lava beds. Using water-type Pokémon will put you at an advantage in Ignis. Advantages can also be gained by “linking” Pokémon with different warlords. Each warlord has a special ability, and also different Pokémon types that they can link with.


Pokémon Conquest will be released on June 18th for the Nintendo DS.



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