Point-And-Click Adventure Game Memoria Gets A Demo

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As a point-and-click fan I’m more than happy with the renaissance that the genre has been enjoying these past few years. If you’ve been craving a point-and-click yourself of late, there’s a demo now available for one such game in Memoria.




Daedelic Entertainment, who’ve published titles such as Torchlight and Deponia, have released a demo of the point-and-click title, which stars two heroes in Sadja and Geron. Almost half a century ago, a great war of the mages raged on in the world of Aventuria, a war that Southern princess Sadja sought to join and be crowned victor of, but from which she disappeared without a trace.


On the other side and in the present time stream is simple bird-catcher Geron. His journey begins when he sets out to free his love, Nuri, from a curse that has turned her into a crow. Breaking the curse, however, requires the help of magical merchant Fahi, who insists Geron must solve a puzzle that has resonating implications in both time.



Memoria is also based on the Dark Eye RPG system, which has a suitably long and storied past in Europe since 1984. This seems to be featured in the form of magical features characters will have to rely on in order to advance and solve the puzzles styming progress. For some reason I’m reminded of another ancient adventure game in LucasArt’s Loom.


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The PC demo is available either through the game’s official site or via Steam. The full version of Memoria is also available now.





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