Pokemon and Mario Kart Will Parade at Universal Studios Japan

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Osaka’s Universal Studios Japan (USJ) theme park will soon debut Pokemon characters for the first time. Alongside characters from Mario Kart, Pokemon will appear at Universal Studios Japan as part of March 2023’s planned “No Limit!” Parade. The Pokemon and Mario parade will kick off on March 1, 2023 [Thanks, Famitsu!].

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Check out a promotional video for the Mario and Pokemon parade below.

The promo features actor Masaki Suda (Gintama live-action, Hibana: Spark) experiencing the “Super Enthusiasm” that is the hallmark of USJ’s “No Limit!” theme. Glimpses of the Pokemon and Mario parade floats can be seen.

The Pokemon float includes a Pikachu mascot, an articulated Ho-Oh puppet, and performers holding plush Bulbasaurs and Squirtles. Promotional art of the float also includes a large animatronic Charizard that breathes smoke, a Lugia puppet held up by a group of performers, and a mounted Gengar, Rowlette and more besides.

The Mario float is themed after Mario Kart, with a Mario mascot performer sitting in a cart on a replica Rainbow Road. Bowser and other Mario Kart characters are seen in hot pursuit.

Besides the two Nintendo brands, other Universal Studios Japan properties will see representation during the parade. Characters from Hello Kitty, Minions, Despicable MePeanuts, and Sesame Street will appear in the parade, either as part of a float or as performers. More anime-related brands like One Piece and Jujutsu Kaisen might even have a presence, considering they have or have had attractions in the park, too.

Guests at Universal Studios Japan can view the parade when it begins in the park’s “New York” area, but those who want a prime viewing location can opt to purchase tickets to the Special Viewing Area, a “luxury space” in a prime location on the route. Pre-sales for the tickets begin on January 5, 2023.

The “No Limit!” parade featuring Mario and Pokemon begins at Universal Studios Japan on March 1, 2023.

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