Pokemon Brilliant Shining Festival Includes Big Garchomp Plush

Pokemon Brilliant Shining Festival big Garchomp doll

In commemoration of the release of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl, The Pokemon Company will have limited pieces of merchandise during its Brilliant Shining Festival. Seven companies will make items that draw inspiration from the Sinnoh region. This includes a big Garchomp cushion from Bandai. [Thanks, Game Watch!]

So far, there is only concept art of the big Garchomp plush, but it looks like the Pokemon is curled up around you. Similar to the big Arcanine doll that The Pokemon Company released, it is a doll that can double as a pillow due to its sheer size. Other collaboration items include a teapot, Nanoblocks, and snacks.

The full list of items is below. You can also see all the companies that are collaborating with The Pokemon Company for the Brilliant Shining Festival.

  • Big Garchomp cushion (Bandai) – 57200 JPY
  • Pokemon highlighter powder (Bandai) – 3850 JPY
  • Brilliant Lorraine rock salt flavor Baby Star ramen (Oyatsu Company) – 141 JPY
  • Shining mayonnaise chicken teriyaki flavor Baby Star ramen (Oyatsu Company) – 141 JPY
  • Sinnoh region Paper Theater wood style (Ensky) – 3300 JPY
  • Psyduck teapot (Ensky)
  • Poffin-like Hokkaido milk cream bread (Daiichipan) – 140 JPY
  • Leafeon and Glaceon Hokkaido cheese bread (Daiichipan) – 140 JPY
  • Nanoblock Pokemon (Kawada) – 1045 to 1210 JPY
  • Nintendo Switch pouch (Max Games) – 3300 JPY
  • Nintendo Switch Lite pouch (Max Games) – 3080 JPY
  • B-Side Label Pokemon sticker – 385 JPY
  • B-Side Label Pokemon big sticker – 990 JPY

The above prices are not the final ones, and there is also no set release date for any of the items. Each bag of bread will come with collectible stickers that feature Pokemon from the Sinnoh region, such as Shaymin and Pachirisu.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl will launch on November 19, 2021.

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