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Pokémon Composer Leaves Game Freak To Start New Venture


If you love Pokemon, you most certainly have heard the music of Kageyama Shota, who worked on titles such as Pokemon X/Y, Pokémon Black/White, and even Luminous Arc.


Shota has left Game Freak, he revealed in a post on New Year’s Day over Twitter. He notes that he’s “graduating” from the company after having spent the past six-and-a-half years there and is branching out to do his own thing with his new company, Spica Musica.


Shota appears to have parted on amicable terms with Game Freak, and won’t close the door on collaborating with them again in the future. That said, while he’s still more than happy to do game music, he’s also hoping to branch out and explore creating music in other avenues as well.


[Thanks, Anime News Network.]