Pokemon Frienda - new arcade game for kids
Image courtesy of Marvelous and Takara Tomy Arts

Pokemon Frienda Will Appear in Arcades in July 2024

Marvelous and Takara Tomy Arts have revealed Pokemon Frienda, a new Pokemon arcade game for kids. The new game will appear in arcade centers across Japan in July 2024.

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The new arcade game’s cabinet will feature a touchscreen, gameplay buttons, and item scanners. Catching Pokemon in the arcade game will make it generate Frienda Picks, which players can then insert into the scanner to form their Pokemon party.

The game will assign an attack type to each Pokemon during battles. The player will then have which Pokemon to send to launch super-effective attacks.

Players will have to insert 100 yen to start a game session. However, the game may also ask for another 100 yen every time a prompt to generate a new pick appears. A single game session can therefore cost up to 600 yen with a maximum of five Pokemon picks generated.

Marvelous will also add several item compatibility features with Pokemon Mezastar, which launched earlier in 2020. Pokemon tags from Mezastar that feature a shooting star mark will also be available to scan in Frienda. People who have a Memory Tag from the older arcade game will also be able to obtain “something nice” in the new entry.

Pokemon Frienda will be available in Japanese arcades in July 2024.

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