Pokemon Game Sound Library Available in Japan and Asia

Pokemon Game Sound Library

The Pokemon Company International reopened the Pokemon Game Sound Library website. The site also updated to include the soundtracks for Pokemon Red & Blue (Pokemon Red & Green in Japan), and Pokemon Diamond & Pearl in its collection, in commemoration of the 27th anniversary of the release of the first Pokemon titles for the GameBoy. However, this service is region-locked and can only be accessed from Japan and the rest of Asia.

The Pokemon Game Sound Library is a website where users can listen to background music and sound effects from the Pokemon series. The website included some new playlists, such as “Relax” and “Record of Adventures,” which include tracks from the series that fit a particular theme. In addition, some tracks and the music scores for a select variety of songs can be downloaded free of charge.

Said music can be used as background music for video distribution, events, performances, and educational material for school and music classes. This is as long as its use adheres to the published guidelines, and there is no monetary compensation for its use.

This announcement came alongside some other Pokemon news, such as the announcement of a DLC Expansion Pass for the latest Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, titled Hidden Treasure of Area Zero.

The Pokemon Game Sound Library reopened on February 27, 2023, and it now includes the soundtrack of Pokemon Red & Blue and Diamond & Pearl. It is exclusive to Japan and the rest of Asia.

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