Pokemon GO Developer Diaries Series Details Community Days

Pokemon GO Community Day detailed in new Developer Diary series.

The developers of Pokemon GO have started a brand-new video series titled Developer Diaries, with the first installment focusing on the game’s Community Day events. Niantic Director of Product Marketing Michael Steranka hosts the new video. It goes behind the scenes of what goes into these recurring events and what fans can expect in the future.

You can watch the full seven-minute video below.

In the video, Steranka explains how the idea of Community Days first came about. He also explains why these events aren’t 24 hours long. According to the video, players walk an average of 4 kilometers during each event. Players have captured over 30.7 billion Pokemon during Community Day events so far. The Eevee Community Day, held on August 15, 2021, saw the most player participation thus far.

Hinting at what the November Community Day would have in store for players, Steranka says the next Pokemon to be featured was originally discovered in the Sinnoh region and is an Electric-type.

In August, Niantic announced that it would roll back Pokemon GO PokeStop and Gym interaction distance to pre-pandemic 40-meter levels in certain regions. After player pushback, it restored the distance to 80 meters.

Pokemon GO is available for Android and iOS devices.

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