Pokemon GO Twinkling Fantasy Involves Mega Salamence, Noibat, and Goomy

Pokemon GO Twinkling Fantasy Has Mega Salamence, Noibat, Goomy

A new Pokemon GO special event has been announced, offering trainers a chance to catch a version of a Pokemon of the Diamond/Pearl generation. Twinkling Fantasy will be live from January 10-January 16, 2023. While running, people will see Mega Salamence in Pokemon GO for the first time, as well as more of Goomy and Noibat,

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During the event, numerous fairy and dragon-type Pokemon will be more frequently encountered. Goomy and Noibat, which typically have low encounter rates in Pokemon GO and show up in eggs, will occasionally appear during the event. Below is a list of Pokemon that will appear and how you can get them:

  • Axew: One-Star Raids
  • Bagon: Wild encounters and Field Research task encounters
  • Clefable: Wild encounters
  • Clefairy: Wild encounters and Field Research task encounters
  • Dedenne: Wild encounters, Field Research task encounters, and Three-Star Raids
  • Deino: Wild encounters and One-Star Raids
  • Dratini: Wild encounters and Field Research task encounters
  • Druddigon: Three-Star Raids
  • Jigglypuff: Wild encounters and One-Star Raids
  • Goomy: Wild encounters and Field Research task encounters
  • Marill: Wild encounters and One-Star Raids
  • Mawile: Three-Star Raids
  • Mega Salamence: Mega Raids
  • Noibat: Wild encounters
  • Ralts: Wild encounters
  • Togetic: Wild encounters
  • Vibrava: Wild encounters
  • Zekrom: Five-Star Raids

Raids will also be updated, with the legendary Zekrom accessible in five-star raids. Zekrom will also have Fusion Bolt – a 90 trainer/140 gym and raids power lightning attack – as a featured attack. This attack will be available from the start of Twinkling Fantasy, but is accessible after the event ends. It could have the skill until January 18, 2023. Mega Raids will also feature Mega Salamence and its shiny variant, is perhaps the truest draw for veteran Pokemon GO trainers during Twinkling Fantasy.

The mobile collect ’em all sees frequent updates. The 2022 Winter Holiday event involved the first appearance of Eevee and its evolutions with charming holiday hats. Niantic will be kicking off the first Community Day of the year on January 7, 2023.

Pokemon GO is available on iOS and Android devices, and the Twinkling Fantasy event will be live January 10-18, 2023.

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