Pokemon GO Party Play Lets You Work with Other Players This Week
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Pokemon GO Party Play Lets You Work with Other Players This Week

On October 17, 2023, the Pokemon GO Party Play feature will appear in-game. It isn’t exactly a new multiplayer element. Rather, it lets people work as a group of four to complete challenges, get extra power in Raids, and keep in touch with other players. However, it is a local-only activity, so you need to apparently be near the other folks as you all play.

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How to start Pokemon GO Party Play

Niantic also introduced how we can form a party with this new feature. You’ll need to go to your profile and click Party. On that page, you can either join a party by entering a code or scanning a QR or making your own. This can only happen if you hit level 15 trainer level, however. If you do meet that requirement, you can have up to three people join you for your new group. You’ll then be able to check the Party tab for more insights into what others are doing or challenges.

Here’s the official Pokemon GO Party Play trailer. It shows off some of the features and how the new feature works. When you are in a group, you can complete Party Challenges together. Some of the ones listed in the example are “win two raids,” “catch two Pokemon,” and “catch two ice-type Pokemon.” It also shows how Raid Party Power looks, as well as how you can compare stats and highlights in the new party and post-party highlights sections.

Pokemon GO is available for mobile devices, and Party Play will be available starting on October 17, 2023. One of the last in-game events tied in with Detective Pikachu Returns to bring Detective Pikachu back

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