Pokemon GO Remote Raid Pass Price Increasing, Limits Coming

Pokemon GO Remote Raid Pass Price Increasing, Limits Coming

Niantic announced it will alter the Remote Raid options in Pokemon GO through price increases on the passes needed to participate in them and limitations on how many can be performed in a day. Starting on April 6, 2023, people can only take part in five Remote Raids per day. The price of a single Remote Raid Pass will almost double, and the price of the three-pack will also go up. It claimed that this move is to fight the fact that this option came to “dominate the experience of playing Pokémon GO in a way we never intended

Right now, a single Remote Raid Pass in Pokemon GO costs 100 PokeCoins. If you get a three-pack, that is 300. After April 6, 2023, a single pass will be 195 PokeCoins. People will get a slight discount if they purchase a three pack, as it will be 525 instead of 600. They will appear as Research Breakthroughs after that date, however. As a reminder, you can earn up to 50 coins per day for placing Pokemon in Gyms. (You get said coins once they return.)

As for the limitation, it is capped at five times per day for ordinary use. Niantic did say that could “change and increase for special events.”

Niantic did note that while the price is going up and they are being limited, they will not be removed. It said in the announcement:

We plan to keep Remote Raid Passes as part of Pokemon GO. However, we believe this change is necessary for the long-term health of the game, and we do not make it lightly. We feel this is a necessary step toward our goal of preserving and improving the unique experience of playing Pokémon GO—a game we hope you continue to enjoy long into the future.

It also cited extra Candy XL from in-person raids, Campfires, and Elite Raids are all measures to attempt to encourage in-person raids and discourage Remote Raids.

This isn’t the first time Niantic substantially increased prices. At the end of 2022, it raised the prices of its Item Boxes, which previously offered affordable means of getting things like Egg Incubators, Poffins, Premium Battle Passes, Remote Raid Passes, Silver Pinap Berries, and Ultra Balls.

Pokemon GO is available for Android and Apple iOS devices.

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