Pokemon GO Team Rocket Debut Brings Shadow Pokemon For Players To Purify


pokemon go team rocket


Team Rocket is taking over Pokemon GO. The villainous group has finally made its debut in the game, bringing along a number of Pokemon for people to save. According to Twitter, people need to just look for corrupted Poke Stops that Team Rocket has captured to get started. These appear black and have the logo on them. Once you find one, you’ll have a chance to face off against Team Rocket Grunts.


The corrupted Pokemon GO Poke Stops act a bit like gym raids, should you find one. When you go to visit, you will see a Team Rocket Grunt to fight. When you beat them, their Shadow Pokemon will remain for you to have a chance to catch with a Premier Ball supplied by the game. These corrupted Shadow Pokemon can be creatures like Abra, Bulbasaur, Charizard, Grimer, Oddish, Rattata, Squirtle, and Zubat.


If you catch a Shadow Pokemon, you have some options. If you let it remain corrupted, it will know the move Frustration. However, if you use Stardust and Candies to purify it, Frustration will turn into Return. These are both Normal-type moves and do not have affection factoring into the damage they deal during fights. Pokemon that have been purified are less costly to evolve and power-up.


Pokemon GO is available for Android and Apple iOS devices. As a reminder, One Piece-inspired Straw Hat Pikachus are available until July 29, 2019.

Jenni Lada
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