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Pokemon Legends: Arceus Sales Reach 12.64 Million Units Worldwide

Pokemon Legends Arceus Sales

Sales for Pokemon Legends: Arceus have reached 12.64 million units worldwide. This includes digital and physical sales of the title. This information comes from a Nintendo financial report, which details the sales history of the title. It goes on to mention that Pokemon Legends: Arceus sold over 11.4 million copies worldwide within a ten-week period. In February 2021, Nintendo also shared that sales for Pokemon Legends: Arceus within its first week had the title sitting at 6.5 million units.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is a new take on the traditional Pokemon formula. Players explore zones and can capture Pokemon by directly throwing Pokeballs at them. Battles still exist in a similar capacity, but players are also tasked with avoiding dangerous attacks when approaching wild Pokemon. Additionally, it features crafting mechanics that allow players to directly create any resources they use, including Pokeballs and other consumables.

The way players collect information on Pokemon has also changed in this title. Instead of capturing a single Pokemon to fill out an entry, players need to complete extra requirements to fill out their Pokedex. These can include capturing Pokemon of a specific size or capturing a set amount of the same Pokemon.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is available worldwide on Nintendo Switch.

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