Pokemon Love Ball Poke Ball Replica Appears Ahead of Valentine’s Day

Pokemon Love Ball Poke Ball Replica Appears Ahead of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is still a month away, but the latest Poke Ball replica brings the Pokemon series’ Love Ball to life. While it isn’t in retail stores until February 2023, it made its Pokemon Center debut. The $99.99 model is the same size as a Poke Ball would be. It also features light effects when someone touches or moves near it. Three other designs are also confirmed for 2023.

Here’s a closer look at the Pokemon Love Ball. It is made of metal, like past models. It can be posed in or out of its case, with an optional ring to keep it balanced on flat surfaces.

In Pokemon, the Love Ball is designed to be used when your Pokemon is facing one of the opposite gender. So if you are using a male Fuecoco, it would be more effective than usual when trying to catch a female Smoliv. It is available in multiple installments, with people able to find it in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet occasionally at auctions held at the Porto Marinada Market.

The Wand Company started releasing its replicas back in 2020. Things kicked off with the original Poke Ball back in November 2020. Even more appeared in 2022, with ones like the Cherish Ball, Friend Ball, Heal Ball, and Quick Ball showing up. All of the prices and features remained consistent over the years and through the various iterations. Later in 2023, the Dive Ball, Luxury Ball, and Net Ball will join the collection.

People can get the Love Ball Poke Ball replica in the Pokemon Center now. It will show up in other stores in February 2023.

Jenni Lada
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