Pokemon Masters Producer Address Issues And Apologize For Lack Of Content


pokemon masters 5

Today, Pokemon Masters producer Satoshi Sasaki released a Producer’s Letter in Japanese for the current state of the game, including the fact that Tetsuya Iguchi will become co-producer of the game in order to fix the problems present in the game.


Firstly, he apologized for three things: the slow speed at which bugs are dealt with, the little amount of content and bad level design choices, as well as how long it has taken for him and the team to have released a statement like this.


He then organized the problems the team will address going forward into four categories:

  1. Lack of content
  2. The rewards for playing aren’t appealing
  3. Bad level design for various content for different level difficulties
  4. The game is difficult to understand and doesn’t respond well


Finally, in terms of the overall direction, the team will try to make the game one where you’ll be able to use the characters you like and raise up, as currently the game’s harder battles forces players to choose their Sync Pairs based on their abilities. More information on the update schedule will release in the near future, as well as the pace of story content and how rewards are designed.


Pokemon Masters is available on Android and iOS.

Alistair Wong
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