Pokemon Masters Roadmap Promises Better Rewards In November And Sync Pair Events In December


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Back in the beginning of October 2019, Pokemon Masters Producer Satoshi Sasaki admitted that the game was facing issues, apologized for them, and promised a solution. Now, those words are turning into action. A Pokemon Masters roadmap has been announced on the official website, offering a basic update schedule detailing the sorts of changes people can expect to see from November 2019 until March 2020.


November will start things off slow in Pokemon Masters, as the major change that month will be better rewards from Events. We’ll also get a Producer Letter on November 7, 2019. In December, the team will be working on making the game better. That means more Sync Pairs people can get from events as the main draw, and things to help improve the game’s balance, its UI, and co-op options. In January, people will get more ways to improve Sync Pairs and Training Events will be altered. The February update will finally bring “new single-player content.” Finally, expect more rewards in March, as that’s when the six-month Pokemon Masters anniversary will be celebrated.


As for the producer letter, some of its tentative topics were shared. Things like how much battery power Pokemon Masters drains, the game’s loading times, and it making players’ mobile devices too hot will be possibly addressed. Co-op battle improvements may also come up. (However, the website does say these topics could change.)


Here are the Reward Adjustment Patch Notes

  • After the Electric-Type Training Event, we will increase the number of rewards available in the Exchange Items menu for all future training events

    • More Gym Leader Notes
    • More items for unlocking a sync pair’s level cap
  • Starting in November, we will increase the number of non-paid gems given out monthly.
    • Gems that can be earned from completing existing events
    • Gems that can be received from event log-in bonuses
    • In addition, we are preparing a special log-in bonus for the first week of November.
  • We’re adding rewards to the Exchange Items menu for story events.
    • 3★ and 4★ Power-Ups will be available
  • The rewards for completing courses and supercourses will be adjusted.
    • Additional bronze Buff Blends, bronze Tech Tonics, and bronze Aid Ades will be added to the Very Hard rewards


Pokemon Masters is available for Android and Apple iOS devices.

Jenni Lada
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