Pokemon Masters Rosa Has ‘A Special Present’ for Players This Christmas Eve

pokemon masters rosa a special present

This month, Pokemon Masters kicked off Rosa’s Party as its holiday story event. Designed to run until January 1, 2020, it dresses up the Pokemon Center and gives people a festive adventure with her, Siebold, Delibird, and Octillery. But now, on December 24, 2019, an extra special part of the event has begun. It is time for Rosa’s “A Special Present.”

“A Special Present” is a part of the Rosa’s Party Pokemon Masters Story Event that is only available for 24 hours and will end on December 25, 2019. People who log in and have completed “The Joy of Cooking” will be greeted by Rosa in the Pokemon Center. She’ll wave you over and say she has another surprise. She wants to have a Pokemon battle with you.

Once you select “A Special Present,” you’ll be taken to the Rosa’s Hospitality fight. This is a single-player match that has a recommended strength of 7,100. Rosa will have Delibird, and it recommends you have electric, ice, and water-type Pokemon. Rosa has Delibird with her, while her allies have Ponyta and Swanna. Winning gets you 1,000 gems and an invite to “The After Party,” an additional story event that gives you an additional 10 gems.

Pokemon Masters is available for Android and Apple iOS devices.

Jenni Lada
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