Pokemon Mega Get: Nagetore Box Will Bring Many QoL Improvements

Pokemon Mega Get Nagetore Box

The Poke Ball-throwing arcade game Pokemon Mega Get will have a new cabinet with quality-of-life improvements. Bandai Namco has revealed a new Nagetore (Throw [and] Take) Box cabinet that it will formally release in October 2022.

Pokemon Mega Get is an arcade game where players generally throw Poke Balls toward the screen. Numerous Pokemon will appear on the screen, and the player will have to throw the balls accurately to catch them. A Legendary Pokemon will appear after the player has successfully caught 100 regular Pokemon. Early menu navigations like stage selection will also require the player to throw a ball toward their choice.

The first iteration of Mega Get appeared in 2016, with the roster covering up to the sixth-generation Kalos region. Bandai Namco has since updated the game to add newer Pokemon from the seventh-generation Alola and eighth-generation Galar regions.

The new Nagetore Box cabinet will bring many quality-of-life improvements to the arcade game. The box will come with a bench so that players can enjoy the game while sitting. It will also have a larger screen, increasing from 32 to 43 inches. The more closed environment will make the balls less likely to stray far away. Other friends and onlookers can also observe and record videos more safely.

Pokemon Mega Get - comparison between old cabinet and new Nagetore Box

Bandai Namco will formally release Pokemon Mega Get: Nagetore Box for arcades in Japan in early October 2022. Several Namco arcade centers have been provided exclusive early access to the new cabinet since September 2022.

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