Pokemon New Anime Series Releases on April 2023 in Japan

Pokemon new anime release

The Pokemon Company International announced the release date of the new season of the Pokemon anime series. It will come out in Japan on April 14, 2023. Additionally, the company shared a short clip in Japanese, with some information on Riko, one of the two main protagonists of this new story. Riko is a young girl born and raised in the Paldea Region, and she possesses a strange pendant. More announcements will come in the near future.

Riko and Roy are the new protagonists of the Pokemon anime. We still don’t know a lot about Roy, but we can expect more information about him coming soon. The three Paldea starters will be featured in the series. You can check out a short clip with information on Riko here:

While people wait for more information on this brand new Pokemon adventure, Ash’s journey is coming to an end with Pokemon: Aim to Be a Pokemon Master, a special 11-episode arc. In some recent information shared by Oricon News, the Squirtle Squad from the original 1998 will make an appearance in the fifth episode of this special series, which includes Ash’s original Squirtle.

The new Pokemon anime series releases on April 14, 2023 in Japan. There is no information on when the English dub will release. Pokemon: Aim to Be a Pokemon Master airs every Friday, and the episode featuring the Squirtle Squad will air on February 10, 2023.

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