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Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire Has A Message For Fans With Pokémon From The Original Games



Some players soft reset countless times in order to get shiny Pokémon or ones with the best natures, while others simply transfer them from previous titles. One Japanese player actually brought a Pokémon over from the original Ruby and Sapphire on GBA, and saw an unexpected surprise within the remakes.


The player, known as Tetra, recently posted on Twitter that he was able to get a special certificate by bringing a Pokémon from the original versions of Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald.



The above is a look at the certificate, which reads something along the following:


Dear player Tetra,


We hereby praise you with this certificate, for your unbreakable friendship and tight-knit bond with  Kyogre.


From all members of the Game Freak staff.


According to Tetra, he brought his Kyogre from his original third-generation Pokémon game on Game Boy Advance, and was able to get the certificate, and shared via Twitter how deeply moved he was by Game Freak’s little acknowledgement of all that effort.


While you don’t get much else from the certificate, it’s certainly a nice little gesture on Game Freak’s part, for those of us who’ve kept journeying with the same Pokémon for the past few generations.

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