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Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire’s New Story Episode Is About The Mystery Of Mega Evolution


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On the games’ official website, The Pokémon Company has shared a few more details on “Episode Delta,” a new story segment in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. You can find an overall summary of the episode in our previous report, but if you want a few more tidbits of info, read on.


Episode Delta, according to the game’s developers, clears up the mystery behind Mega Evolution. When the Mossdeep Space Center discovers a giant asteroid approaching the planet, the player will need to travel around Hoenn to defend the region against this threat from space. The asteroid is, in some way, connected to events dating back 3,000 years, which seem to have something to do with the occurrence of Mega Evolution.


As the asteroid approaches, Team Aqua or Team Magma—depending on which version of the game you have—begins targeting Trainers to steal the special stones required to make Pokémon Mega Evolve. Meanwhile, Steven himself sets out to try and defend Hoenn from the asteroid. Somewhere along the way, you’ll piggy-back on Mega Rayquaza into outer space. (Don’t ask.)


The Pokémon Company says both Deoxys and Rayquaza will appear before the player. All four of Deoxys’ forms are confirmed to be in the game, and you can find screenshots of them below in the following order: Regular, Attack, Defense and Speed.


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