Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Palafin Mystery Gift Code Sent Out

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Palafin Mystery Gift Code Sent Out

There’s a new Pokemon Mystery Gift tied to the 2023 Pokémon Oceania International Championships. Gavin Michaels won the event in February 2023, and now everyone can “get” the Palafin he used at it. During the European International Championships livestream, the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Palafin Mystery Gift code 0C1CV1CT0RGAV1N appeared. Day 1 of both the trading card game and video game happened on April 14, 2023. [Thanks, Makio & JRoses!]

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Here’s how it works. When playing Pokemon Scarlet or Violet, head to the Poke Portal from the main menu and go to Mystery Gift. Choose to redeem a code to get the Palafin. (When entered, it will look like this: 0C1C-V1CT-0RGA-V1N.) The game will then let you claim the Gavin’s Palafin Gift.
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Palafin Mystery Gift Code Sent Out
This Pokemon Scarlet or Violet Mystery Gift Palafin arrives at level 50. Its nature is Adamant and it has “Amazing” stats. Its HP, Attack, Defense, Speed, and Special Defense all have the “best” label. (The character’s Special Attack is only Pretty Good.) It knows Jet Punch, Wave Crash, Haze, and Protect.

Normally, evolving a Finizen to Palafin is a bit tricky in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. That’s because you need to join a Union Circle and be in a multiplayer session, then level the character up. After you join the Union Circle and evolve a Finizen that is at least level 37 to level 38 or higher, it will become Palafin.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available on the Nintendo Switch, and people can get the Palafin until April 17, 2023.

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