Pokemon Scarlet, Violet Goods Include Lechonk Piggy Bank

pokemon scarlet violet merchandise lechonk piggy bank

The global release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is November 18, 2022, and the Pokemon Center added new merchandise ahead of people’s Paldean journey. Not only are there merchandise featuring the three starter Pokemon, but there will also be items you can purchase to make yourself look like your in-game avatar. There is also a piggy bank of the new pig Pokemon Lechonk. All of these items are also available via Amazon Japan.

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The list of items (along with the prices in JPY) includes:

  • A4 clear file: 451 JPY
  • A4 stickers: 550 JPY
  • A5 notebook: 660 JPY
  • B6 ringed notebook: 715 JPY
  • Ballpoint pen: 880 JPY
  • Card holder: 1,870 JPY
  • Guest towel: 880 JPY
  • ID holder: 1,760 JPY
  • Keyholder: 990 JPY
  • Koraidon parka (free size): 8,250 JPY
  • Koraidon parka (110, 130): 7,700 JPY
  • Lechonk piggy bank: 3,080 JPY
  • Masking tape set: 880 JPY
  • Memopad: 825 JPY
  • Metallic photo frame: 3,520 JPY
  • Mini bath towel: 2,640 JPY
  • Miraidon parka (free size): 8,250 JPY
  • Miraidon parka (110, 130): 7,700 JPY
  • Paldean map blanket: 2,860 JPY
  • Pen case: 1,540 JPY
  • Penny’s parka (free size): 7,150 JPY
  • Protagonist’s backpack (Grape/Orange academy): 13,200 JPY
  • Rubber keyholder: 605 JPY
  • Sticky notes set: 770 JPY

And here are the other items that will appear alongside the Lechonk Pokemon piggy bank.

The upcoming generation of Pokemon will be the first one to have a more school-focused setting and plot. The protagonist’s backpack (which comes in two versions) look like ones you can use for both academics and fashion. There are also multiple versions of keyholders, as they each depict a different Pokemon.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will come out worldwide for the Nintendo Switch on November 18, 2022. While this Pokemon Scarlet and Violet merchandise may not appear in the North American version of the Pokemon Center, the Amazon Japan store does deliver internationally.

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