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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Tyranitar and Salamence Tera Raid Battles Coming

Pokemon Scarlet Violet Tyranitar Salamence Tera Raid

The next set of Tera Raid Battles will involve a pair of classics from Generations II and III. Tyranitar from Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal,  and Salamence from Pokemon RubySapphire, and Emerald. The Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Tyranitar and Salamence Tera Raids are scheduled to begin on December 9, 2022. These will run through December 11, 2022. The Pokemon leading the Raid battle will be different based on the player’s version of the game. Owners of Pokemon Scarlet will face Tyranitar, and Pokemon Violet mains will face Salamence [Thanks, Inside!].

Both Tyranitar and Salamence will show up in their respective four-star and five-star raids. Though the battles are not listed as having a fixed Tera Type, the promo image shows off a Ghost-Tera type Tyranitar and a Steel Tera-type Salamence. Tyranitar’s regular typing is Rock and Dark, while Salamence is usually Dragon and Flying.

Tera Raid Battles like the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Tyranitar and Salamence raids allow players to encounter Pokemon that would be rare or even unavailable in Paldea under normal circumstances. The previous Tera Raid centered on classic Pokemon Eevee and Charizard. As with previous Raid events, defeating the featured Pokemon gives players a chance to capture them. And if the current Raid works like last time, players that beat Tyranitar and Salamence will only be able to them to their teams once.

Tyranitar first appeared in Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal. The large Tyranitar is described as being able to shake the ground and alter the landscape with its very strength. It’s also quite insolent, caring little about others and spending its time seeking challenges and opponents to fight.

Salamence appeared in Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald. It evolves from Shelgon and is the final form of Bagon. Unlike its previous forms, Salamence grew wings thanks to the strength of its desire to fly.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available on the Nintendo Switch. Check out Siliconera’s official review of the games.

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