Pokemon Slowpoke Sofa Costs About $200

Pokemon Slowpoke Sofa

Furniture store Cellutane is selling a Pokemon Slowpoke sofa for fans that prefer a more gradual pace to life. It’s officially called the “Yadon Bead Sofa.” (This is after Slowpoke’s Japanese name.) It sits one adult. It costs ¥28,400 (~$200).

As someone can tell, this sofa is based on the Pokemon of the same name. Known as the Dopey Pokemon, Slowpoke first appeared in the Generation I Pokemon games (Red, Blue, and Yellow). A Water/Psychic-type, Slowpoke is known for its ponderous nature and notoriously low reaction time.

Unlike the recent wave of large Pokémon plushies that double as furniture, Cellutane’s Pokemon Slowpoke sofa shaped to suit actual sitting. It’s also more of a bean bag chair, being made of polyester and filled with polystyrene beads. The whole sofa is about 720mm tall (about 2.4 feet), 920mm wide (about 3 feet), and 1010mm deep (about 3.3 feet). It weighs about 8.75kg (about 20 lbs). The backrest prominently displays Slowpoke’s face, with ear-shaped protrusions along the top. The rear of the sofa also sprout’s Slowpoke’s distinctive tail.

Besides the Slowpoke Sofa, Cellutane also offers other Pokémon-themed items, like a Rowlett Sofa, a Ditto Sofa, a Gengar Sofa, and a Snorlax Sofa. All are roughly the same height (the Gengar’s ears add a few inches) and suited to use with Cellutane’s Pokeball-themed Ottoman cushions (sold separately). Like the Slowpoke, all cost ¥28,400 (about $200). The Pokeball cushions cost 10,901 Yen (about $78 USD).

Josh Tolentino
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