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Pokemon Sword And Shield Introduces Cramorant, Polteageist, Pokemon Camps, And Curry Cooking




A number of new Pokemon Sword and Shield features and characters were revealed during the September 2019 Nintendo Direct. Two new Pokemon, Cramorant and Polteageist, were revealed. Pokemon Camps were shown off. Trainer customization and League Cards were discussed. Plus, we learned that Alcremie can be found in multiple flavors. 




The two new Pokemon are Cramorant and Polteageist. Cramorant is the Flying/Water Gulp Pokemon with a Gulp Missile ability. If it uses Dive or Surf, it will come back with food. This is known as its Gulping Form. It will then use that to counterattack if it is attacked while holding its meal.


9_4_cramorant_3 9_4_cramorant_2


Polteageist is the Ghost type Pokemon with Weak Armor. Its body is made of black tea and it lurks inside of a broken teapot.


9_4_polteageist_2 9_4_polteageist_1


Pokemon Camps can be set up while you play, and you can even visit others’ camps if you use the Wild Area and local communications. . When there, you can play with Pokemon or make curry. The ingredients determine which curry you will end up with, and the quality is determined by your fanning the flames and stirring. There is even a Curry Dex that keeps track of the different types. If you visit someone else’s camp, you can see their Pokemon or make curry with them.


9_04_camp_18 9_04_camp_1 9_04_camp_2 9_04_camp_3 9_04_camp_4 9_04_camp_5 9_04_camp_8 9_04_camp_9 9_04_camp_10 9_04_camp_11 9_04_camp_12 9_04_camp_13 9_04_camp_14 9_04_camp_15 9_04_camp_16 9_04_camp_17


As for trainer customization, there will be boutiques and hair salons to let you change your hair, makeup, and clothes. As in past games, you can mix and match styles.


9_4_style_12 9_4_style_3 9_4_style_2 style_male_art style_female_art 9_4_style_1 9_4_style_4 9_4_style_8


Here is the new Pokemon Sword and Shield trailer looking at the new Pokemon, curry cooking, character customization, and League Cards.



Pokemon Sword and Shield will be available on the Nintendo Switch on November 15, 2019.

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