Pokemon Sword And Shield Introduces First Galarian Forms, Morpeko, New Rivals, And Rowdy Fans

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The latest Pokemon Sword and Shield trailer is here, and it introduced plenty of new creatures and people. In addition to Galarian forms of existing characters, some new Pokemon appeared. We also learned about a new team and some more rivals people will encounter and saw Team Yell, a new group of enemies.


Galarian forms of Pokemon were first shown. Galarian Weezing is poison/fairy instead of just a poison type. It might have Levitate as an ability. Galarian Zigzagoon gets a bit more punk rock, as it has a black and white coat, dark/normal typing, and the Gluttony or Pickup abilities. Galarian Linoone has these same typings and look, making it appear more like a badger. Linoone also gets a third evolution in Galar, known as Obstagoon. It is a dark/normal type with either the Guts or Reckless ability.


After that, a new Pokemon appeared. It is a form-changing character called Morpeko. It looks a bit like a hamster. In Full Belly Mode, it is an electric/dark type with the Hunger Switch ability. However, it also has a Hangry Mode. When its witches, its Aura Wheel ability goes from an electric move to a dark type one. Once the Aura Wheel attack was used in the trailer, it returned to Full Belly.


The new people shown were rivals and a new team. Bede and Marnie both appeared and will act as rivals. The new Team shown was Team Yell. They’re fans of Marnie’s who people will have to fight. They have a punk look and were shown using Zigzagoon evolutions and cheering Marnie on in the background while she fought.


Here’s the new Pokemon Sword and Shield trailer.


marnie bede linooneobstagoon zigzagoon galariangalar wheezing


Pokemon Sword and Shield will come to the Nintendo Switch on November 15, 2019.

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