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Pokemon Sword and Shield Milcery Raids Arrive With Ribbons and Star Sweets

pokemon sword shield milcery raid

A new Pokemon Sword and Shield series of raids have appeared. People who pop into the Wild Area will see Milcery raids show up. In addition, these raids will offer special rewards. Milcery needs a held item to evolve, and the Ribbon Sweet and Star Sweet will appear as a part of your bonuses for successfully completing a raid. You can then give one to a Milcery, then make your character spin around on the world map to make it evolve into Alcremie.

Milcery can actually be one of the trickier Pokemon to find in Pokemon Sword and Shield. It is a surprise encounter in the grassy areas of Route 4, which means you wait for an exclamation point to appear and run into it. (It also shows up in the Wild Area’s Bridge Fields and Giant’s Mirror when it is foggy.)

With these Milcery raids, you have an opportunity to get one easily, then have a Gigantamax Milcery that could have a standard appearance with any base color and hair accessory design you’d like. Otherwise, you have to stick with whatever you get.

Pokemon Sword and Shield are available for the Nintendo Switch. As a reminder, the last major raid event involved catching Magikarps.

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