Pokemon Sword And Shield Trailer Shows Battle Stadium Fights, New Held Items, And Dynamax Details

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A new Pokemon Sword and Shield trailer has been released alongside the 2019 Pokemon World Championships. This one focuses on new abilities and held items that could make a difference during a fight. However, it also looks at the Max Raids a little noting that people who take part in them will have a chance to catch a Pokemon that has its Hidden Ability.


The video begins by looking at the Galarian Weezing’s special ability, Neutralizing Gas. This keeps other pokemon’s abilities from activating. In the fight shown, this means Gastrodon’s Storm Drain and Rotom’s Levitate both don’t work in that particular fight. Another ability that comes up later is Mirror Armor, Corviknight’s hidden ability. If an opponent uses a move that would lower Corviknight’s stats, Mirror Armor reflects it back at them and lowers their stats instead.


After that, a few new items are shown. One is Room Service. This held item causes a pokemon’s speed to go down when Trick Room is in effect. Eject Pack is the other item. If a Pokemon’s stats are lowered, then they will automatically switch out of battle to protect it.


The Breaking Swipe move came up next. Flygon used it in the trailer. This is an attack that can hit multiple Pokemon and, when it does, it lowers each one’s attack stat.


Dynamax details came up too. Dynamaxed pokemon also have a special ability. If a move that would normally make a creature flinch is used on them, they won’t flinch. Their Max Moves also all have secondary effects. These can raise a character’s stats after a skill is used or do something like apply an Aurora Veil effect that increases the team’s strength against physical and special moves.


Here is the new Pokemon Sword and Shield trailer.



Pokemon Sword and Shield will come to the Nintendo Switch on November 15, 2019.

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