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Pokemon Sword and Shield’s Glastrier and Spectrier Get Their Own Trailer

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In Galar’s Crown Tundra region, the legendary Pokemon Calyrex is a a pretty big deal. So much so that this King Pokemon has two “horses” it can ride. Now, to help people better understand the characters that accompany it, a Pokemon Sword and Shield Glastrier and Spectrier standard and fusion trailer and details are here.

Both Glastrier and Spectrier’s basic forms involve two horses. As the official site pointed out, Glastrier is an ice-type with a Chilling Neigh ability that boosts its attack whenever it defeats other Pokemon. It combines with Calyrex with Reigns of Unity to make Ice Rider Calyrex, an ice and psychic-type Pokemon that maintains the Chilling Neigh and Calyrex’s Unnerve abilities with its As One ability and can use the Glacial Lance signature move that can hit up to two Pokemon at once.

Here’s a better look at Glastrier.

Pokemon Sword and Shield’s Spectrier, on the other hand, is a ghost-type Pokemon. As the website noted, its ability works similarly to Gastrier’s. Except Grim Neigh boosts Spectrier’s Sp. Atk when it makes a Pokemon faint, rather than attack. When Reigns of Unity pairs it up with Calyrex, the duo again gets the As One ability and the Astral Barrage signature move. Astral Barrage is a ghost-type attack that can also hit more than one opposing Pokemon.

And here’s a closer look at Spectrier.

Finally, there’s the Pokemon Sword and Shield Gastrier and Spectrier trailer. It takes the time to look at every form of both Pokemon and their special abilities and signature moves.

Pokemon Sword and Shield are available for the Nintendo Switch, and there’s even a new physical version that includes the game and DLC on a cartridge. People can catch Calyrex, Gastrier, and Spectrier in The Crown Tundra expansion.

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