Pokemon TCG Battle Region Pack Will Have Hisuian Starters

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The Pokemon Company uploaded the full card list that will appear in the Battle Region TCG booster pack. This includes an early look at how the Hisuian starter Pokemon will appear in the Pokemon TCG. The pack will come out on February 25, 2022 and cost 260 JPY ($2.25). [Thanks, Hobby Watch!]

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Each of the Hisuian starter Pokemon will have two versions: a V card and a VSTAR card. The full list of cards that will appear in Battle Region are available via the Pokemon TCG website. Including the six Hisuian starters, there will be a total of 112 cards to collect from Battle Region.

Hisuian Decidueye VSTAR’s Somersault Feather allows players to trash up to three Energy cards and then deal 30 damage for each. Players can use its VSTAR Power on their turn and draw cards so that you have eight cards in your hand.

Meanwhile, Hisuian Typhlosion VSTAR’s abilities can let it instantly defeat a single Pokemon in your opponent’s deck. With Hollow Flame, you can apply three Damage Counters onto a benched Pokemon. Kagero Star, which you can use once per game, instantly defeats a Pokemon that has four Damage Counters on it.

Lastly, Hisuian Samurott VSTAR’s abilities also make use of Damage Counters. In Samurott’s case, Merciless Blade can deal 110 damage to any opposing Pokemon with Damage Counters. Its VSTAR ability applies a single enemy Pokemon with four Damage Counters.

The Pokemon TCG Battle Region booster pack, along with the Hisuian starter Pokemon cards, will come out on February 25, 2022. Pokemon Legends: Arceus is readily available worldwide on the Nintendo Switch.

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