Pokemon TCG Classic Classes Up Your Pokemon Cards

Pokemon TCG Classic

The Pokemon Company unveiled a new “premium trading card set” called Pokemon TCG Classic during the February 27, 2023 Pokemon Presents presentation. The set is in essence, a high-quality set of props used to play Pokemon TCG.

You can see a teaser clip for Pokemon TCG Classic at the 3-minute mark in the stream archive.

The clip shows a man walking into a classy gaming lounge while carrying a leather briefcase. The case is embossed with Pokemon Trading Card Game Classic. He steps up to his opponent at a table, and unfolds the case to reveal a game board and a set of card containers, as well as a dish holding markers of various kinds. The man and his opponent play a round of Pokemon TCG, while also using the bespoke markers to indicate different statuses and mechanics in-game.

The set is being made as a collaboration between The Pokemon Company, design firm Nendo company, and Pokemon TCG developer Creatures. A sneak preview of the full set will be available at the Pokemon World Championships.

The World Championships will be held in Japan for the first time ever. The venue is in Yokohama, and the event is scheduled for August 11 to 13, 2023. Competitive matches in Pokemon Scarlet and VioletPokemon TCG, and Pokemon GO will be on offer for fans and pros. The event will also be broadcast live via official channels.

The Pokemon Company also unveiled some art to commemorate the 2023 Pokemon World Championships. As with previous events, the art is designed to reflect the location hosting the year’s festivities.

The 2023 Pokemon World Championships will take place in Japan on August 11-13, 2023. The Pokemon TCG Classic set will be viewable there.

Josh Tolentino
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