Pokemon TCG Shiny Star V Set Features Nessa From Pokemon Sword and Shield

Pokemon TCG Shiny Star V Nessa

Pre-orders are now available for the Shiny Star V Nessa Pokemon TCG set. This new set includes card protectors featuring artwork of the water-type gym leader, a special Pokemon Coin also featuring her picture, and a case to hold your deck. Twenty Shiny Star V booster packs are also included in this purchase, with ten cards included in every pack. Reservations are currently open and will last until November 19, 2020. You can pre-order the Shiny Star V Pokemon TCG Nessa set for 12,430 yen, which is roughly $117. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

Those who want to get their hands on this set will need to pre-order through the official Pokemon Center website. There has been no word of an North American or European release for this set, so importing may end up being the only option for those interested.

As mentioned above, the Shiny Star V Nessa Pokemon TCG set will come with card protectors. Sixty-four card protectors will be included in this limited edition set. You can take a better look at the art and design in the gallery below.

In recent Pokemon news, specifically Sword and Shield, future Pokemon Sword and Shield cartridge will come bundled with the DLC. This means that users will not need to download the DLC in order to be able to access it if they have purchased one of the new cartridges.

Pokemon Sword and Shield is immediately available on the Nintendo Switch. The Shiny Star V Nessa Pokemon TCG set is on its way to Japan.

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