Pokemon TCG Online Will Shut Down in June 2023

Pokemon TCG Online Live
Image via The Pokemon Company

The Pokemon Company will remove Pokemon Trading Card Game Online (TCG Online) from online storefronts on June 5, 2023. This is due to the fact that Pokemon Trading Card Game Live (TCG Live) will launch on June 8, 2023. Players will be able to transfer their cards and accessories to TCG Live though.

According to the announcement on the official Pokemon website, there will be no more new cards in Pokemon TCG Online, but it will still have Versus Ladder support. If we have product codes for something available before March 1, 2023, then we can still redeem them. The reason why there will be no more new cards or accessories in the game is because the development team wants to focus on Pokemon TCG Live.

You will be able to move your TCG Online account and data over to TCG Live, as well as save all the progress you make in the beta. There are some limitations though. For example, you can’t transfer your friends list, in-game currency, or HeartGold & SoulSilver cards to Live. The Pokemon Company states that the reason it will sunset Pokemon TCG Online is to give players the time to move everything to TCG Live. They will still enjoy full access to TCG Online prior to the closure date.

Pokemon Trading Card Game Online will be removed from the app stores and shut down on June 5, 2023. Pokemon Trading Card Game Live will launch on June 8, 2023 for mobile devices, Windows PCs, and Macs. The beta is readily available.

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