Pokkén Tournament Launches In Japanese Arcades This Summer

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During JAEPO 2015, Bandai Namco revealed that their upcoming collaboration arcade fighter, Pokkén Tournament, will launch this summer in Japan. 4Gamer provides us with some more details and screenshots.


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In Pokkén Tournament, you’ll play as various Pokémon in a 3D fighter, where the characters use iconic moves, while powering themselves up by going into a “Resonance Burst” mode, and getting help from other support Pokémon.



Pokkén Tournament’s online “National Versus” mode will likely be the most popular feature of the game, but it’ll also have a single player mode, local versus, and a tutorial mode that will teach you the basics of the game.


We previously got a close look at the controllers that will be used to play the game. Here’s the control scheme, which looks pretty straight-forward:



  • L: Support Pokémon
  • R: Guard
  • D-Pad: Character movement, double-tap for step
  • A: Pokémon move
  • B: Jump
  • Y: Light attack
  • X: Heavy attack


005 006

In Pokkén Tournament, it’s not all about your fighting technique, but there’s also a lot of strategy involved. In addition to to attacks, power-ups, and Support Pokémon, the “Resonance Burst” mode can turn the tables by giving Pokémon super power-ups and the ability to use the powerful “Burst Attacks”.


010 011

If you’re wondering how powerful these Burst Attacks are, you can probably get a good idea just by looking at these screenshots. They can also only be used once per fight, so you better make it count!



008 009

The Support Pokémon can also be of great help in battle. You’ll get to choose between two of them before each round, and they have their own unique moves and charge time.


Pokkén Tournament will launch this summer in Japan for arcade.

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