pokemon gen 2

Last year, we reported that The Pokémon Company was making a new line of stuffed toys featuring all 151 Pokémon from Gen 1, and this week they announced that they are expanding the lineup with Wave 3 to Gen 2’s 100 unique Pokémon (as well as all Unowns).


Like last time, these stuffed toys will be available at Pokémon Centres in Japan, and are small enough to fit in the palm of one’s hand. Each one is 1,100 yen (around $10 USD) and together there will be 278 stuffed toys in this line with the Gen 2 lineup’s release on June 8, 2019.


The Pokémon series Gen 2 lineup of Pokémon Fit stuffed toys will release on June 8, 2019 in Japan.

Alistair Wong
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