Pokémon GO Has Hit Over 75 Million Downloads Around The World



It’s not hard to see that Pokémon GO has become a craze on a colossal scale, but a recent report from Sensor Tower really puts the phenomenon in perspective.


Since releasing for iOS and Android earlier this month, the app achieved over 50 million installs from Google Play alone in only 19 days. Sensor Tower also estimates that it has been downloaded over 75 million times across Apple and Google’s platforms combined.


In the following chart, we get a look at how quickly Pokémon GO climbed to 50 million downloads compared to how long it took other popular apps to reach the same milestone.




Given the numbers, it’s quite feasible that Pokémon GO will be able to hit 100 million downloads before it reaches its 2 month mark, especially seeing as it has ranked number one in downloads and revenue in all available App Store territories thus far.


Pokémon GO is available for iOS and Android devices.