Pokémon GO Player Claims To Have Hatched Region-Specific Pokémon From Eggs



A Pokémon GO player has recently claimed to have caught all 145 Pokémon currently available to the app, including those exclusive to specific regions around the world.


Before now, it was believed certain Pokémon were only obtainable by traveling abroad. So far, it’s becoming evident that Tauros is available in North America, Mr. Mime in Europe, Farfetch’d in Asia, and Kangashkan in Australia. However, though you might not run into these Pokémon in the wild, there still may be a chance to obtain the creatures without having to leave your hometown.


Eurogamer recently spoke with John Smith, who lives in California and has claimed to have captured all 145 of the currently available Pokémon, all without having to travel abroad. Smith told Eurogamer that he obtained the region-specific Pokémon from 10km eggs he hatched. To see Smith’s Pokédex, you can watch his video from YouTube, where he posts as Oninous Gaming.


Should this prove true, it means many Pokémon GO players out there won’t have to sacrifice time and money for extensive travel to complete their Pokédexes.


Pokémon GO is available for iOS and Android devices.