Pokémon GO Player ‘Uncle Pokémon’ From Taiwan Actually Mega Evolved And Is Now Unstoppable

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The Pokémon GO super fan from Taiwan, Chen San-yuan, affectionately known as “Uncle Pokémon” made headlines last year with his bike rigged to mount 11 smartphones to play the game. Since then, he has Mega Evolved and can no longer be stopped with his beefed up rig that now mounts double the amount with 22 smartphones. [Thanks, Apple Daily via Automaton.]


Chen San-yuan works a Taoist priest during the day, but at night the local celebrity roams the streets of Taiwan to catch Pokémon and grind in Pokémon GO. The obsession with the augmented reality game started back in September 2016 when his son gave him a smartphone for his brithday, which he used to play the game for the first time, and the rest was history.



His new rig mounts 22 smartphones, but he actually has 29 at home. He has a rule that only accounts over level 30 can get a spot on the bike, so that’s what he has at the moment with the 22 devices. When asked about expenses, Uncle Pokémon estimates that he spends about 35,000 yen a month for the cost of maintenance on the bike and the phones.



However, Mr. Chen actually landed himself the perfect gig as an ambassador for ASUS ZenFone Max Pro, a phone that is said to excel in power performance, battery life, and GPS signal, making it an ideal device to play Pokémon GO. Uncle Pokémon currently rides with 22 ZenFone Max Pro as a way to promote the product for ASUS.


Here’s a look at some recent footage showing Uncle Pokémon doing what he does best:



Pokémon GO is available for iOS and Android.

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