Pokémon Go Will Allow Trainers To Level Up And Join Teams

Pokémon Go will be coming to Android and Apple iOS devices this year, and the mobile game will involve elements like Pokémon catching, trainer levels, and gym management. Depending on where people are in the real world, new Pokémon and battling opportunities will become available.

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People playing Pokémon Go will find Pokémon living in certain habitats. Various environments are taken into account, as well as landmarks. Once a person sees a Pokémon on his or her phone’s screen, they’ll need to tap the right place to throw a Poké Ball. Catching as many of the same kind of Pokémon is encouraged, as you evolve them by collecting multiples of the same character. (As an example, catching multiple Bulbasaur will make one of them evolve into Ivysaur.) Catching as many as possible also gives you experience. You level up as a Trainer through encountering and exploring Pokémon, and reaching higher levels gives access to better Poké Balls and items.


img_02 The Trainer element also means people will join teams and challenge Gyms. There are three teams in the game, though their names aren’t known yet. Certain places in the world will be designated as Gyms, and teams can battle for control of them. If your team already holds that Gym, you can set one of your Pokémon there to defend it. If another team has control, you can battle the Pokémon they’ve left there to try and take control for your own team.


Pokémon Go will also offer people rewards. Items like Poké Balls might be found by going to special places. Completing challenges adds achievement medals to your profile. You might even find eggs at designated PokéStops, which will hatch into unfamiliar Pokémon.


The Pokémon Go Plus device’s functions have also been further explained. It’s a bluetooth wearable that works with smartphones. It vibrates and lights up if a Pokémon is nearby or there’s another event. Pressing the button will let you try to catch a Pokémon or handle some other interactions.


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A release date has not yet been set for Pokémon Go or Pokémon Go Plus beyond 2016. A field test will be held in Japan. The game will be free, but will offer in-app purchases.

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