Pokémon Rumble-Like Game PokéLand Announced For Smartphone



The Pokémon Company revealed a new smartphone game they’re working on called PokéLand, and it looks a lot like the Pokémon Rumble series with “toy” Pokémon that can be fought and collected.



From now through June 12, they’re having an alpha test for the game. The testing build will have six islands, 52 stages, a 15-floor Champion Tower, and about 134 Pokémon to start out. However, data from the test will be deleted once it’s over.



As far as gameplay goes, it’s very similar to Pokémon Rumble, where you get to fight hordes of Pokémon using simple commands.



And similar to Pokémon Rumble, you’ll get new Pokémn toys as you defeat them, an they’ll come with a variety of different moves.



PokéLand is in development for iPhone and Android. A release date or window has yet to be announced.

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