Pokémon Sun & Moon Introduces New Pokémon, Alola Meowth, And Team Skull

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The latest issue of CoroCoro Comic has leaked and it reveals new Pokémon for Pokémon Sun & Moon, along with a look at Moewth’s Alola form, and more. [Thanks, Serebii.]


The first image on top shows Yowashi, a new Water-type fish Pokémon that has an ability to change its form into a larger fish.


corocoro9162 Following is a look at the Ghost/Ground-type “sand hill” Pokémon named Sunabaa, which evolves into the larger sand castle Pokémon named Shirodesuna. Below them is a look at Nuikoguma, the pre-evolved form of Bewear.


corocoro9163 Next up is a look at some more Alola form Pokémon with the Dark-type Alolan Meowth followed by the Fire/Ghost-type Marowak.


corocoro9164 And finally, the fourth scan shows us a peek at the antagonist team, known as “Team Skull.” The boss’ name is Guzuma, and the girl with pink hair is named Burumeri.


We’ll have more information on the new Pokémon along with their English names soon. The magazine also shows that next month’s issue will show a “Secret Evolution” for Rockruff.


Pokémon Sun & Moon will release for Nintendo 3DS in Japan and North America on November 18, and in Europe on November 23, 2016.

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