Nintendo 3DS

Pokémon Sun & Moon Starts Its Seventh Global Mission, New Tournaments



A few new updates are now available in Pokémon Sun & Moon, including the game’s seventh Global Mission, a Tiny Tourney featuring small Pokémon, and more. [Thanks, Serebii.]


First off, the game’s seventh Global Mission is now underway and tasks players with the challenge of fishing up 500,000 Pokémon or items from bubbling fishing spots. Additionally, if players pass that goal and fish 1,000,000 Pokémon or items, players with PGL accounts will receive a Lure Ball. A Rare Candy will be given to any who hatch 3 or more Eggs during the event until it ends on June 13th.



A new battle competition has been announced and will be the Tiny Tourney. The tournament will feature double battles with Pokémon under one meter (3’03”) eligible for participating. Registration will be up from June 14th through June 22nd, while battles will run from June 23rd through the 25th. Legendary Pokémon are not permitted, and each entrant will receive Galladite, Gardevoirite, and Lopunnite Mega Stones.


Lastly, all players who participated in the 2017 International Challenge April Competition are now able to claim their Sceptilite, Blazikenite & Swampertite Mega Stones rewards by logging into the Global Link. These rewards will be available until June 29th.


Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon are available for the Nintendo 3DS.