Nintendo 3DS

Pokémon Sun & Moon’s New Feature Will Let You Further Train Level 100 Pokémon



Following all the news we got yesterday, The Pokémon Company shared a little more with the introduction of a new training feature called “Hyper Training” in Pokémon Sun & Moon.


In Pokémon Sun & Moon you’ll get to go beyond the level 100 stat limit with “Hyper Training,” a new feature to the 3DS title. This feature appears to be an enhanced version of the “Super Training” feature from Pokémon X &Y, and is available to your Pokémon that have reached level 100, and can be used to boost their IVs.


We still don’t have too many details on how Hyper Training works, but the official website mentions that “Bottle Caps” will be key to the feature. There’s a “Hyper Old Man” somewhere out there in Alola who likes Bottle Caps and will help you start out with the Hyper Training feature.


Again, those who go see Pokémon the MOvie: Volcanion and the Mechanical Magearna in Japan will get the Mythical Pokémon Magearna, who comes with a “Silver Bottle Cap” item. So by the sounds it, there are likely going to be different kinds of Battle Caps used for the Hyper Training feature.


Pokémon Sun & Moon will release for Nintendo 3DS in Japan and North America on November 18, and in Europe on November 23, 2016.

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