Nintendo 3DS

Pokémon Sun & Moon’s Second Global Mission Will Utilize The Island Scan Feature



Last month, Pokémon Sun & Moon launched its first Global Mission, tasking players with the challenge of capturing 100 million Pokémon. Though players came far from meeting that goal, another Global Mission is starting soon, giving Pokémon trainers around the world a second shot at success. [Thanks, Serebii.]


This time, the Global Mission will ask players to either capture or defeat a total of 1 million Pokémon using the game’s Island Scan feature. If the goal is reached, players will be rewarded with 2,017 Festival Coins, and 217 if the mission is failed. Additionally, trainers will be able to obtain twice the amount of Festival Coins, coming to either a total of 4,034 or 434 FC, if their game is connected to a Global Link account. The Global Mission will begin on December 27th at 4:00 UTC and will run until January 9th, 23:59 UTC.


Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon are available for Nintendo 3DS.