Pokémon’s Thunder, Fire, And Water Evolution Stones Are Coming To Life As Fancy Collectibles



The Thunder, Fire, and Water Stones that were used to evolve Vulpix, Staryu, and Pikachu and more since the first generation are coming to life in a fancy collectible, “Pokémon Evolution Stones Candy Box” set.



The 5,400 yen set comes with the Thunder Stone, Fire Stone, and Water Stone replicas in a special box and some grape-flavored candy on the side.


Here’s a closer look at the Evolution Stones:


Thunder Stone

008 009


Fire Stone

004 005


Water Stone

006 007



These collectible items aren’t exactly that small either, here’s a sample:



The Pokémon Evolution Stones Candy Box is available for Research at the Premium Bandai store for 5,400 yen. It is expected to release in February 2018.

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