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Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World Lets You Create Detailed Yoshis




Nintendo decided to take something of an Animal Crossing approach to Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World. It’s possible to head into Yoshi’s hut and put together custom characters. You can then choose to share these original designs via StreetPass. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to share them online via QR codes, but we’re going to do our best here today with a few Yoshis I’ve made with the in-game editor.


Now, if you want to make your own Yoshis in Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World, you need to be aware of a few things. First, you need to use the Professional Mode. This is the one that will give you the most control over your characters. Also, you will never be able to get as much detail as you’d like. The yarn effect and limited color palette keeps you from doing too much. While you can pick any seven colors you’d like, things blur on the actual character.


You also need to constantly be experimenting as you prepare your fuzzy friend. The swatches have a wrap around effect. So for Yoshi’s body, the upper middle will be his chest, the bottom three lines will be his tail, and the two far most left and right sides will be his back. The left and right arms and left and right legs are almost identical patterns, which means if you have one design on one side, you can draw that exact same design on the other to get the same effect.


For today’s post, I’ve created seven Yoshis for you all to enjoy. Copy and paste the patterns in Professional Mode, and it will bring the characters to life in your game. The icons on the left will indicate what each pattern is for. For example, if the first button is yellow and Yoshi’s nose is green, that pattern is for his nose. If his eyes and cheeks are green when that button is yellow, it’s for his cheeks and back of his head. When an arm or foot button is yellow and there is only one pattern available, you can use that pattern for both the left and right arms or feet.


Cheesasaurus Rex (Kraft Macaroni & Cheese)


WVW69kC26PMOj8X4yV WVW69kC23_MvZa_n1e WVW69kC23howSUW7g2 WVW69kC24vIoligiUV WVW69kC24Wsn9KR2SH WVW69kC25a4AXzPme2 WVW69kC25E416_DtBE WVW69kC25ysxgqtF_2


Realistic Shading Yoshi


WVW69kC275Q7ds9hGg WVW69kC27iU4E7Mngb WVW69kC27OsnXzIua4 WVW69kC28PwPoUoxaz WVW69kC28rEOiMSmEW WVW69kC29BowHCQ_hC WVW69kC29ZUAqPfAcN


Hatsune Miku


WVW69kDc-O4nRId0lo WVW69kDc-YAexJnY7v WVW69kDc9aYD2LZUOF WVW69kDc9ig4wamQbq WVW69kDc9-IJvg5MBG WVW69kDc9QcSrr9Ihi WVW69kDc9rgclie7oB WVW69kDc91c-8jdtg4 WVW69kDc-GYHtj5_kF


Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan)


WVW69kDc2wAi0aJumu WVW69kDc2XAzJ9cyIV WVW69kDc12ozpOt5HY WVW69kDc25IDVpNnKS WVW69kDdY60RXugoey WVW69kDc2e0BjuInk9 WVW69kDc2L0lIJLbMn WVW69kDc2nEA3IRGiZ




WVW69kC3QYAQ2poBZx WVW69kC3RF00Zxklkq WVW69kC3PCcWoRcSjj WVW69kC3PtMSVxsfsk WVW69kC3PZUkkPdu7G WVW69kC3QCY5uEBjNY WVW69kC3QxEmy4oOXu


Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy VII)


WVW69kC3FZY3WCrHZB WVW69kC3DCs__o_I4d WVW69kC3Dt8iW2GDaw WVW69kC3DZclbLyxFD WVW69kC3EFA1tdO7C4 WVW69kC3EukcextwNc WVW69kC3EY4lw6FPTz WVW69kC3FDEG-HmFz2


Asuka Langley Soryu (Neon Genesis Evangelion)


WVW69kC3CFsA8xnO_p WVW69kC2_yM4msO4lg WVW69kC2-y4NfvacRM WVW69kC3A1Q6yc9iRf WVW69kC3AIMSYXufE0 WVW69kC3BNQS5Xe8VO WVW69kC3BuISu3K1YT


Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World is now available for the Nintendo 3DS.

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