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PoPoLoCrois Farm Story Shows A Bit Of Its Animated Scenes, And Farm Life



PoPoLoCrois Farm Story, the upcoming crossover between Marvelous’ Harvest Moon (Story of Seasons) and the PoPoLoCrois Story RPG series, is headed to the Nintendo 3DS this Summer, and Marvelous recently updated the game’s official website. Here’s a look at what’s new.


poporo_bokujo_150216-2 poporo_bokujo_150216-9


The above is a look at some screenshots of the game’s animated scenes. The theme behind PoPoLoCrois Farm Story is “Growing” and “Bonds,” which will be told in the story of Prince Pietro’s upcoming adventure.


poporo_bokujo_150216-4 poporo_bokujo_150216-5

In order to defeat the “Dark Beasts” that have abruptly appeared in the peaceful Popolocrois Kingdom, Prince Pietro embarks on a new adventure. Old friends will be back, and as Pietro meets new friends and says goodbye to others he’ll continue to grow and mature.


poporo_bokujo_150216-7 poporo_bokujo_150216-8

While exploring the fields and dungeons located outside of towns and villages, there will be many monsters. You’ll fight these monsters using all kinds of different abilities, as Pietro and friends become stronger after each battle.



It wouldn’t be a Harvest Moon crossover without any farming, though. The above is a little look at some of the farming you’ll get to do in the game. This is where Pietro will grow crops and take care of animals.


While farming doesn’t play a big part in the game’s story, it’s there to give you an option to kick back and relax, to enjoy a little bit of the slow life. Items made at the farm can be used as items or sold at shops.


PoPoLoCrois Farm Story will release in Japan on June 18, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS.

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