Positioning And Character Powers Matter In Nadia Was Here’s RPG Combat

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Nadia Was Here features lane-based combat, where each character can use their special abilities on the monster that’s standing in front of them. To get the most out of their characters’ powers, they’ll have to be quick in swapping the lanes their characters are standing in.



Nadia Was Here takes players to Amytah, a land of dungeons, puzzles, and mysteries inspired by classic RPGs like Golden Sun and Final Fantasy. However, instead of just using a similar combat system, Nadia Was Here uses a system of lanes where positioning matters, and players can swap their characters into different places to have varying effects.


The heroes and monster attacks will all occur the moment their attack bar fills, so it just comes down to where your characters are placed in regards to the creatures. If the player moves their character out of a monster’s lane before they can attack, the monster will miss, but the monsters are able to do the same thing.




Each character has access to their own unique abilities as well, with Nadia being able to steal from enemies, Tereshan can learn monster’s attacks and use them himself, and Hogan can create shields that will temporarily block damage in that lane, allowing players to put weakened character someplace safe. These can be switched in for the current active attack, and will be used automatically when the player’s turn comes up.


Rather than level up as they complete battles, players will stay at the same strength level throughout the game. However, they will learn new abilities that will make them more powerful, as well as find amulets that will grant helpful effects that will keep each character going. They can also locate summoning monsters out in the field and recruit them, calling on them in a battle when the summoning bar is full for high-powered attacks.




Nadia Was Here is available now on Steam, with a demo available from the developer’s site.

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